Northsite Contemporary Arts – Cairns

lenore howard

An adventurous personality investigates new horizons.

I inhabited the world of Surrealism until 2003, using symbols to comment on personal, social and political experiences. 

During 2004, my physical and emotional environment underwent a huge upheaval.

Accompanying this was a growing awareness of how to step aside and view words and actions with a different consciousness.  Consequently my creative focus shifted to reflect this evolving spirit.

Without knowing where to go, I dived into pure abstraction with eleven works on paper and no perceived outcome. This was a revelatory encounter.  

I had jumped off the proverbial cliff into deep water and have been sinking, swimming or floating with each new work ever since.  Occasionally I land on a new shore, and emerge astonished with the destination. 

An excitement for the unknown and unpredictable is the driving force.

Lenore Howard Cairns Artist